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Neopox Special Winter – 2 component epoxy paint Neotex


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Neopox® Especially their two-component epoxy paint, which is software, software and GRP

Product Description

Neopox® Special is a two-component solvent-based epoxy paint suitable for use on construction, metallic & GRP surfaces that undergo significant mechanical stress and need chemical resistance.

Colors: Available in a variety of colors and special colors on demand over a certain amount.

Properties/ Advantages

  • Resistant at temperatures between -50°C and +140°C (short-term resistance). Permanent resistance between -20°C and +70°C.
  • Neopox® Special doesn’t pre-require the substrate priming. In special occasions it is required the use of Epoxol®
    Primer (see table below)
Type of substrate Consumption Epoxol®Primer Consumption Neopox®Special
Mosaic 100gr/m2/layer 125gr/m2/layer
Ceramic Tiles 100gr/m2/layer 125gr/m2/layer
Cementitious with
high porosity
150-200gr/m2/layer 125gr/m2/layer
  • Excellent resistance to water, sea water, alkalis, petroleum derivatives,
    industrial atmosphere and adverse weather conditions. Good resistance to
    solvents and dilute acids (see table of chemical resistance).
  •  Suitable and as a protective coating to biological purification plants.
  • Widespread use of applications with the same material.
  • Wide range of basic colours
  • Compliant with the regulation 2004/42/EC for limitation of V.O.C. in paints and


Fields of Application

• Floors of industries, warehouses, car services places
• Swimming pools, tanks, fountains, boats
• Indoor metallic surfaces


Sets of 1kg, 5kg & 10kg in tin cans (components A&B have fixed weight

3 years (5-45°C) in sealed tin cans.

Instructions for use Neopox Special Winter Download (980 MB)
Download Data sheet Download (686 KB)