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Bituminous solution contains oxidized bitumen and purified quick-drying solvent.

Description of the product

Bituminous solution confaining oxidized bitumen and pure quick drying solvents. It has many advantages: good adhering and penetrating properties when applied, quick of stickiness.


Lemax primer SB jS used as undercoat to block the effects of dust and minimise concrete surfaces porosity, allowing a quick spreading and application of polymer bitumen membranes, in both hot flame application and cold application with bituminous glues. It is also used as waterproofing coating of concrete”s walls, as fixing primer on cement, wood and metal surfaces, and as protective film for tubes and metal tanks.


Được làm thn hp dung môi và bitum ô xy hóa.

Technical characteristics

Appearance: back liquid
Density at 20°C kg/I: 0.9-1,00
Dry residue at 130°C: 40 – 43%
Oxidized bitumen Frass crack point: -10°(
Dow penetration of bitumen at 25°C: 10-20 dmm
Dust free drying time: 30″ – 60″
Viscosity DIN 4 at 20°C: 12″-17″
pH at 20°C: neutral
Closed cup flash point: <2l”C
Shelf life in the original containers: 24 months (in normal conditions)
Bitumen soffening temperature: 90/100°(
Self-inflammability: > 200°c
Drying time to touch: 100″ – 140″

Instructions for use

Itis very Important that the concrete surfaces to be treated are as dry as possible, clean and free from oils and chalking powders. Lemax primer SB ls ready to use, to be applied by brush, roll or spray. In polymer-bitumen membranes hot flame application, 1tis highly recommended to use the product only 1f concrete surfaces are perfectly dry; alternatively a bituminous primer specific for wet surfaces ls suggested. The drying time depends usually dries within I hour from application; should the primer thickness be very high, the temperature be rigorous of substructure be not much absorbent, this time could be longer, up to 2 – 4 hours.
The approximately consumption of Lemax primer SB jS 200 – 300g/m2 To clean the tools use a common synthetic or mtrous


See data sheet.


5/20 litres pails

180 litres drums

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