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Neosil® Bond – Adhesion promoter for coating systems on inorganic surfaces




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Adhesion promoter for coating systems on inorganic surfaces

Description of the product:

Neosil® Bond is a solvent-based adhesion promoter that activates the adhesion of primers and coatings on inorganic
surfaces, like ceramic tiles and glass. It provides excellent adhesion for the coating system (primer and topcoat) that


– Facilitates the excellent adhesion of coatings
– Easy application
– Fast drying

Technical Characteristics:

Appearance                                                  Transparent
Density                                                         0,80±0,05g/cm3
Consumption                                               50ml/m² (1layer)
Drying Time (25°C)                                    15-20 min
Waiting Time for applying coating on
top (25°C)                                                    2-24 hours

Instructions for use / Application notes:

The surface must be free of dust, organic substances and oil. The surface must to be cleaned with a soft cloth (which must be changed frequently) with Neosil® Bond. Ιt is necessary to apply the material carefully on the entire surface without leaving untreated spots. 2 hours after drying, the subsequent coating system can be applied. The optimum adhesion results are obtained between 2 – 6 hours. Should more than 24 hours pass from the application, then the whole procedure must be repeated.

Cleaning of tools
Immediately after application with solvent Neotex® 1021

Storage stability
1 year if kept unopened in its original closed package, protected from frost and sunlight

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