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Aliphatic polyurethane, solvent-based paint, suitable for external flooring applications

Aliphatic polyurethane, solvent-based paint, suitable for external flooring applications

Fields of application

– Warehouse ramps, garages, terraces
– Metallic constructions
– Outdoor stores
– Outdoor laundries, gas stations, etc.


– It contains UV filters. It is not affected by the sunlight and weather conditions
– It has a very good resistance to abrasion and mechanical stress
– It has a high chemical resistance (in diluted acids-alkalis, car oil, petroleum, etc.)

Technical characteristics

Density                                                         1,25 – 1,30 kg/l
Gloss                                                             60o 80 – 85
Mixing ratios (weight prop.)                        75A: 25B
Consumption                                                350gr/m2 for two coats
Abrasion resistance                                      58 mg (Taber test CS 10/1000/1000)
Adhesion strength                                        ≥ 3 N/mm2 (concrete)
Flexibility                                                     PASS (ASTM D522, 180° bend, 1/8″ mandrel)

Pot Life

Temperature Time
+12°C 1 hour
+25°C 45 minutes
+30°C 30 minutes


Temperature Time
+12°C 30 hour
+25°C 24 hour

Có thể bước lên

Temperature  Time
+12°C 30 hour
+25°C 24 hour
+30°C 18hour

Instruction for use

Construction surfaces

The surfaces must be rough (not smooth), free from dust, dirt, greasy and oily substances. Apply Epoxol® Primer diluted with solvent Neotex®1021 (10-15%). If the moisture of the substrate is up to 8%, there is no rising moisture and the substrate temperature is > +12°C the surface should be primed with water-based primer Acqua® Primer. Afterwards, apply two coatings of Neodur® Special diluted with solvent Neotex® PU 0413 (5-10%). Neodur® Special must be applied 24 hours after the priming of the surface
Metallic surfaces

Clean the surface from rust by sandblasting or with the use of a wire brush. Then apply one coat of Neopox® Special Primer 1225 (mixing ratio 80A:20B) diluted with solvent Neotex® 1021 (5%), to protect against rust. After that, apply two coatings of Neodur® Special diluted with solvent Neotex® PU 0413 (5-10%).
Anti-slip floor: Immediately after the application of the primer broadcast the floor surface with quartz sand, maximum grain size 0,2 mm (e.g., M34). The next day remove the excess sand with a vacuum cleaner and apply Neodur® Special. In this case, the consumption is 0,380 kg / m² for 2 coatings

Special notes

– Low temperatures and high humidity during application prolong drying time.
– The surface should be dry during paint application and protected from rising moisture attack. If there is rising moisture the surface should be primed with Neopox® Primer AY
– The product should not be applied at temperatures <12°C, relative atmospheric humidity >65%, surface humidity content >4%, or if humid conditions are expected to prevail during the curing period of the paint film.
– Allow at least 4 weeks to pass between casting new concrete structures and painting them with the product.
– Over coating a freshly painted surface must take place within 2 days, otherwise it is suggested to scrub lightly the freshly painted layer to avoid possible adhesion problems.

Available in four RAL shades (1013, 7035, 7040, 3009, 9003)

Sets of 5kg and 10kg in tin cans (components A&B have fixed weight proportion).
Storage stability

The product is stable for 2 years (5-40°C) when kept unopened in its original container, protected from frost and direct sunlight.

Auxiliary materials

Solvent Neotex® 1021: Special thinner suitable for thinning epoxy paint
Containers of 1 kg, 5 kg, 20 kg
Solvent Neotex® PU 0413: Special thinner suitable for thinning polyurethane paint
Container of 1 kg
Epoxol® Putty: 2-component, epoxy thixotropic system with increased mechanical and chemical resistance for local putting or joints sealing after priming the surface.
Containers: Set of 1 kg, 6kg and 20 kg

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