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Neodur® FT Elastic

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Brushable fast-setting elastic polyurea system for flooring applications

Brushable fast-setting elastic polyurea system for flooring applications

Description of the product:

Neodur® FT Elastic is a high-solid, solvent based, polyaspartic polyurea coating for waterproofing and flooring applications. It combines resistance to mechanical loading with excellent waterproofing properties on roof parking decks, tiled surfaces, terraces and roofs of high traffic. It can be applied as a top coat over Neoproof Polyurea systems or aromatic waterproofing systems. It is fast-drying and fast-curing, enabling the full installation of the flooring system (primer & 2 coats) within 11 hours (25oC).

Fields of application:

  • Roof parking decks
  • Balconies, terraces with high traffic and tiled surfaces
  • Top coat over other waterproofing systems


  • Combines mechanical durability with waterproofing properties
  • It is formulated with pure aliphatic resin and contains UV filters, remaining unaffected by the sunlight and adverse weather conditions.
  • It cures fast providing quick tack free time (4 hours), allowing most projects to be completed within one day.
  • It provides high resistance to abrasion and mechanical stress.
  • It shows high chemical resistance (in diluted acids-alkalis, car oils, petroleum, etc.)

Technical characteristics

Appearance Gloss
Density 1,28 ±0,02gr/ml
Mixing ratio (weight prop.) 3A:2,5B
Consumption 300 gr/m2 per layer (depending on substrate)
Service temperature -300C min / +800C max
Abrasion resistance 75mg (Taber test CS 10/1000/1000, ASTM D4060)
Adhesion strength ≥ 3 N/mm2 (EN 13892-8, concrete)
Flexibility PASS (ASTM D522, 180° bend, 1/8″ mandrel)


Hardness Shore A (EN ISO
868:2003/ASTM 2240)
Elongation at Break (ASTM D412, +25°C) 170%
Tensile Strain at Break (ASTM D412, +25°C) 14MPa
Impact resistance (EN ISO 6272) IR4(>4Nm)
Impact resistance (EN ISO 6272 on metal) 8 Nm
Relative atmospheric humidity <80%
Surface humidity content <4%
Application temperature +5°C to +35°C
Dry to recoat –Walkability(+25°C)
Pot Life(+25°C)
Total hardening
4 hours

24 hours

Pot life

Temperature Time
+12°C 40 minutes
+25°C 30 minutes
+30°C 15 minutes

Overcoating – Walkability – Light Foot Traffic

Temperature Time
+12°C 5 hours
+25°C 4 hours
+30°C 4 hours

Full cure – Heavy Traffic

Temperature Time
+12°C 36 hours
+25°C 24 hours
+30°C 24 hours
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