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Bitumode Delta-P 3mm S






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Bitumode Delta-P 3mm S

Description of the product

Produced by the Modern Waterproofing Company, Bitumode is a line of polymer-modified bitumen waterproofing membrane of the highest quality. Bitumode is modified by APP and APAO, thus guaranteeing superior performance under various conditions. BITUMODE DELTA – P is reinforced with composite polyester (P) of non-woven polyester armoured with glass fiber filaments which provides highly mechanical properties and dimensional stability.

Product type

Standard thickness available includes 3 mm and 4mm. Usual weight is 3kg / m2 and 4kg / m2.
The common bottom is polyethylene film (PE).

The above section includes:

  • Polyethylen (PE)
  • Sand (S)
  • Gray stone (GY)
  • Green stone (GRN)
  • White stone (WT)
  • Red stone (RD)

The stone face usually weighs 4kg, 4.5kg and 5kg / m2.
The nominal length of each roll is 10m and the nominal width is 1m.
Special specifications can be designed according to customer needs


BITUMODE DELTA – P has been designed with special regard to providing clients with an excellent and versatile product.

Advantages of BITUMODE DELTA- P include:

  •  Easy to apply (by torch}.
  •  Highly mechanical properties.
  • Absolute impermeability to water pressure.
  • Flexibility at low temperature up to -10°c.
  • Excellent high temperature performance.
  • Resistant to soil chemicals and salts up to certain limits.
  • Excellent adhesion on any surface.
  • High dimensional stability.
  • Environmentally friendly.


Application :

BITUMODE DELTA – P is an enhanced features waterproofing membrane, can be applied virtually anywhere where torch applied modified bitumen membranes subject to high mechanical stresses, physical properties are specified and
good cold flexibility features are required.

BITUMODE DELTA · P can be applied in:

  • Single layer roofing system for high performance requirements.
  • Double layer system for basements, tunnels and underground structures subject to
    mod rate water pressure.
  • Double layer roofing system combinedwith BITUMODE DELTA – G fiberglass reinforced.
  • Toilets and wet area inside buildings.
  • Retaining walls.
  • Under raft foundations.
  • Bridge deck waterproofing.
    BITUMODE DELTA – P with Mineral Slated Finish is recommended for exposed roofing system (Unprotected) for Non-accessible roofs or roofs subject to low traffic conditions.



1m x 3mm x 10m/roll
BITUMODE should be stored vertically in a covered and well-ventilated area without direct sunlight.


  • Above results are based on 4mm membrane.
  • Tolerance within 20 % of the above results for mechanical characteristics complies with the tolerance specification of (ASTM, EN).
  • Due to constant product improvements, MODERN company reserves the right to change above values without advance notice.
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