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Bitumax 1.5 PE self-adhesive waterproof membrane






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SBS self-adhesive modified polyester bitumen membrane, Bitumax 1.5 mm PE is designed for sustainable application

Bitumax 2.0 PE self-adhesive waterproof membrane


Double-sided self-adhsive polyester reinforced SBS-modified bitumen membrane Bitumax Double-side 1.5mm is used as an underlay on pitched roofs and as a vapor barrier. Could also be used for waterproofing of foundations and engineering structures.


  • Double-sided self-adhsives surface
  • Additional strength granted by polyester reinforcement
  • Can be used on bases, where the standard torch on application is forbidden (wood, XPS, etc)
  • High speed of application
  • Safety and cheap application – the membrane is applied without the use of gas and flame
  • No need for any additional equipment and skills.
  • Cold application method prevents smoke, odors and noise.



It is used as a lower layer (with other layers of material on top) on the slope and as a moisture barrier.

It can also be used for waterproofing of foundations and structural structures.


1m x 2.0mm x 20m/roll

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