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BS-8400 BX Bitumen Emulsion Waterproofing 4.5kg

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Bitumen waterproof emulsions do not form joints of slightly high permeability

BS-8400 BX Bitumen Emulsion Waterproofing 4.5kg


A dark-brown water based bitumen. It will dries into a black coating that is flexible, odor and taint free. It features micro porous-breathes to stop blistering, high temperature stability and no re-emulsification in water. It is anti-fungal, antibacterial and free of toxic components. It is effective in reducing “concrete cancer”, carbonation, spelling and soleplate attack.


  • General Damp-Proofing: concrete, brick, bitumen & mastic asphalt membranes, asbestos cement, slates, tiles, lead copper, zinc, corrugated iron and similar surfaces.
  • Wet Area Waterproofing: toilet, kitchen, balconies, walls, planter box, insulation protection, etc.
  • Metal Protection: against pipe corrosion, structural steelwork, gutting and down pipes, shed walls water tanks, troughs, metal fence posts, garden frames windmill frames, drums, outdoor machinery and other metallic equipment.




Store indoors, in a cool dry place with temperature <+ 25 ° C. Avoid to freeze.

Shelf life 12 months.

Technical characteristics

Appearance Dark brown viscous solution
Odor Asphalt
Density                                1.00 ± 0.03
Solid 47 – 55%
Service temperature                  5°C – 40°C
pH (25°C)    8 – 11
Solubility in water Easy to emulsify
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