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APP waterproofing membrane Lari 3-4mm






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Laribit waterproofing membrane is a combination of distilled bitumen and elastic polymers with special additives.


The upperside of LARI P and V is finished with a special inorganic and extremely fine release material which is
uniformly spread and calibrated in order to prevent the roll from sticking to itself providing anti-slip features
for applications on sloping surfaces. They make easy to apply acrylic and aluminous paints that are always indispensable whenever other types of protection are not provided (gravel, finishing with natural slate or tile).
LARI PA has instead its upperside protected with granules of natural slate which in addition to offering an aesthetical finish provides protection against UV radiation and heat in this way preserving the roof covering from aging. The underside is protected by a burn-off printed and embossed polyethylene film that allows you to check anytime the ideal melting point of the waterproofing compound and vapor diffusion thus preventing the formation of blisters whenever the membrane is laid with semi-adherence or independently


LARI is a prefabricated membrane made of bitumen distillate modified with plastomeric polymers.

LARI P is reinforced with spunbond non-woven polyester filaments stabilized with fibreglass, while LARI V with reinforced glass fibre.

The waterproofing compound obtained through the complete homogenization of bitumen distillate with plastomeric polymers is added with special additives, and offers:

• resistance to U.V. radiation
• resistance to temperature change
• resistance to O3
• resistance to chemical corrosion (acids and salts) waterproof seal
• good adhesion when heated to all supports

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