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Alkali-resistant fiberglass-mesh – Gavazzi® 0059 – A





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Alkali-resistant fiberglass-mesh – Neotex

Alkali-resistant fiberglass-mesh – Neotex

Fields of application

  • Reinforcement of wall plastering and of internal plasters to prevent clefts
  • Prevention of cracks in areas where different materials are joined
  • Outdoor impermeabilization (terraces, floor slabs, outside staircases) made by epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic resins and resins compound


Properties / Advantages

  • Flexible
  • Wide mesh width (2,7 x 2,7mm)
  • 84% glass fiber
  • Doesn’t rot or rust over time
  • Easily applied


Technical Characteristics

Mesh width 2,7 x 2,7mm
Weight of unfinished mesh (ISO
51 gr/m2 ± 10%
Weight of finished mesh (ISO
61 gr/m2 ±10%
Resistance to tensile strength
(ISO 4606)
Warp: 950N/5cm

Weft: 1000N/5cm

Elongation at break (ISO 4606) Warp: 4,5% + 1%

Weft: 4,5% + 1%

Color White
Packing Rolls of 50X1m

The information supplied in this datasheet, concerning the uses and the applications of the product, is based on the experience and knowledge of NEOTEX® SA. It is offered as a service to designers and contractors in order to help them find potential solutions. However, as a supplier, NEOTEX® SA does not control the actual use of the product and therefore cannot be held responsible for the results of its use. As a result of continual technical evolution, it is up to our clients to check with our technical department that this present data sheet has not been modified by a more recent edition.

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