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XPS insulation foam

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Is an insulating foam sheet with excellent waterproof properties

XPS insulation foam


Insulation board (XPS) is made with polystyrene through special process which the hard expanded board is extruded. It’s sealed and foamed structure helps to have many advantanges including excellent heat insulation, high resist compression, waterproot, moisture proof, anti-corrosion, long service life and low thermal conductivity factor etc. It is light weight and easy to cut and carry. It is a wonderful material of environmental protection and energy-saving building material.

1) Thickness: 25mm – 100mm
2) Width: 600mm/1.200mm
3) Length: 1.200mm/ 2.400mm
4) Compression strength: 150kpa, 200kpa, 250kpa, 300kpa, 350kpa, 400kpa,
5) Density: 32 – 50kg/m3
6) Dimension stability: Maximum 2.0%
7) Thermal conductivity (25 Celsius): Maximum 0.035w/mk
8) Color: Light yellow, blue, pink (flexible)

XPS – Boards features:

  • Excellent heat insulation capability
  • Good huminity resistance
  • Extremely low water absorption
  • Approved sound insulation
  • High comprehensive strength
  • Improved dimensional stability
  • Creep resisting performance



1. Excellent Insulation Capability

As a thermal insulation board, Insulation board has excellent heating insulating property (thermal conductivity is 0.0289w/m.k). Insulation has a very long-term strength and durability for its stability of chemical and physical structure. Though used for more than 50 years, its heat insulation property maintains more than 80% of the same as beginning.

2. High Resist-compressicon Strength

Compared with EPS insulation board, XPS insulation board has much more advantages. During extruding process, a board with continuous uniform (even) surface and dosed-cell beehive structure is produced. Each porous wall between the Internet has the same thickness and without any voids. This closed-cell structural material has very large resist compression span which can be 150 — 900 Kpa.

3. Excellent Anti-moisture

The molecular structured of extruded polystyrene itself is absolutely not water-absorption. It’s absorption is 1% by volumn, which is less than 1/10 of other insulating materials, such as PU and expanded polystyrene. XPS insulation boards process much more excellent anti-moisture nature for its sealed and foamed structure.

4. High Quality Environmental Product

With its stable chemical structure, there is no volatilization of hazardous substances. It is even not decompose or mildew. It is excellent anti-corrosion. XPS insulation board is produced with environmental material, without hazardous air, which embodies the philosophy of environmental protection products. Its wasted boards can be reused.

5. Sound insulation products

XPS insulation board has its special soundproof property. lt can reduce the voice from out side when used as the partition wall in the restaurant, entertainment rooms ets,. It stands out the advantange in the decoration project.

Application area

Inverted Resell Insulation
The structure of inverted roof insulation is to put XPS insulation board on the top of roof water-proof layer, to advoid the water-proof layer from the damage of disparity temperature, ultraviolet radiation or the human damage. It is not only thermal insulation, but also is the protection of long-tcrm lcakagc proof.
Inverted roof insulation can be used in the renovation of old building’s roof by putting the XPS board direct ly on the old rool’as a kind o1’ thermal insular ing material.

Step 1 Apply foam insulation with foam insulation on the concrete roof deck
Step 2 Installation of foam insulation on the concrete roof floor
As a result, the foam insulation is fastened to the insulation of the roof floor

2. Wall Insulation System the building
Most of the heat energy of building is lost through wall. XPS Insulation board is not only heatlng insulation for various type of structure wall, but also can strenghthen the durability of the wall. Using XPS insulation board to decorate the wall makes smooth surface. Meanwhile, it can be the basic material of cementitious coating.

3. Building Ground floor
Usually 15% – 20% heat energy is lost through the floor. Therefore, it becomes very important to make heating insulation work to the floor in order to advoid condensation frosting. Making heating insulation of floor can make a warm and comfortable environment for the owner.

4. Color Steel Sandwich Factory Layer
To make XPS insulation board as lnterlayer insulation in wooden doors, plastic doors, freezer
doors, pressure steel plate layer, it owns many advantages which can be saw as following:
1) Heating insulation, water-proof and moisture-proof
2) Improving the ablility of resistance to red, not easy to break
3) Light weight, lowing down the cost
4) Hard layer makes durability usage
5) Excellent soundDroof

5. Cold Room Construction
XPS insulation board’s excelle nt moisture-
proof and high compressive strength stands out its advantages in the project of cold room construction. lt can be used in all sections. including the floor, internal and external wall and root or ceiling etc..
A.The thermal insulation properties make ii remain immutable even in harsh working condition which can ensure the high efficiency of cold room construction.
B.It can prevent the impact of condensation frosting for its closed-cell honeycomb structure.
C.Not easy compression creep ensures the normal use of structural features. Applying XPS insulation board can provide an excellent support.

6. Ground freeze Control
In cold areas, variety of civil engineering applications face the problem of ground frost which will lead the roads, railways, airport runways to be rugged, underground pipes shifted even damaging the building construction structure. To put the XPS insulation board appropriately under the roadbed layer
can efficiently control the ground frost, greatly reduce the need for land filling which can ensure the road
surface and underground in normal to extend the service lire.

Product name: Extruded insulation foam, PS plastic, XPS, XPS foam
ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and CE Certification

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