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Silatex® Primer


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Acrylic solvent-based primer

Acrylic solvent-based primer


  • Easy to apply
  • Shows high penetration
  • Dries quickly
  • Stabilizes old and new surfaces and secures the adhesion of paints and waterproofing compounds


Fields of application

The product is a primer suitable for stabilising surfaces on rooftops and walls (made of concrete, mortars, plasters, gypsum boards, old paints etc) and would be covered with paints or elastic waterproofing compounds


– Tin cans of 5L

– 2 years when kept unopened in its original container

Technical Characteristics

Density                                                                          0,81 g/cm3
Consumption                                                                 160-180ml/m2 per layer (depending on surface absorptivity)
Appearance                                                                    transparent-yellowish
Drying time                                                                   1-2 hours at 250C (depending on weather conditions &                                                                                                     temperature)

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