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Revinex Flex FP Cementitious Waterproofing System




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Cement-based waterproofing materials, versatile, suitable for concrete, masonry walls, under tiled tiles and other surfaces

Revinex Flex FP Cementitious Waterproofing System


Multi-purpose, cementitious waterproofing system suitable for concrete, masonry, under tiles and other construction surfaces. By mixing both components of the system, Revinex®Flex (component A) with water or the suitable polymer (component B) can be used for different waterproofing applications depending on the specific project


Crack bridging properties. Excellent adhesion on almost all substrates, such as concrete, stone, ceramics and bricks. Resistance to positive and negative hydrostatic water pressure

Fields of application

Mixing ratio Revinex Flex + Revinex Flex ES = 25:7

Use: Suitable for demanding waterproofing applications with high elasticity on terraces, balconies under tiles and exposed surfaces such as flat roofs, exterior walls etc.


Revinex Flex: 25 kg carton bags (Component A)
Revinex Flex ES: 7kg, plastic container (Component B)

2 years, sealed in its original packing, protected from frost and direct exposure to sun, between +5οC and +35οC.

Construction waterproofing Balcony, seno (4 MB)
Construction instruction toilets (3 MB)
Construction instruction for basement waterproofing, Elevator pits (5 MB)
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