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Revinex Flex ES Cementitious Waterproofing System

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Cement-based waterproofing materials, versatile, suitable for concrete, masonry walls, under tiled tiles and other surfaces

Revinex Flex ES Cementitious Waterproofing System


Multi-purpose, cementitious waterproofing system suitable for concrete, masonry, under tiles and other construction surfaces. By mixing both components of the system, Revinex®Flex (component A) with water or the suitable polymer (component B) can be used for different waterproofing applications depending on the specific project
Colors: Gray, white


Unaffected by UV radiation. Crack bridging properties. Excellent adhesion on almost all substrates, such as concrete, stone, ceramics and bricks.

Fields of application

Mixing ratio Revinex Flex + Revinex Flex ES = 25:12

Use: Suitable for demanding waterproofing applications with high elasticity on terraces, balconies under tiles and exposed surfaces such as flat roofs, exterior walls etc.


Revinex Flex: 25 kg carton bags (Component A)
Revinex Flex ES: 12kg, plastic container (Component B)

2 years, sealed in its original packing, protected from frost and direct exposure to sun, between +5οC and +35οC.

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