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Acrylic coating for exterior use

Acrylic coating for exterior use

Description of the product

Premium quality, acrylic, water-based coating suitable for decorating and protecting the exterior surface of any building, applied on concrete and plasters.


– Proflex® is applied easily and dries quickly.
– It has great coverage, high spreading rate and strong adhesion.
– It stabilizes and protects the surface.
– The product is particularly durable against industrial pollution and adverse weather conditions.
– It offers vivid colours, complies with stringent specifications concerning artificial weathering and water permeability (8269/1426) and it is environmentally friendly.

Technical Characteristics

Density                                                     1,49g/cm3
Consumption                                            10-12m2/L for one coat depending on substrate porosity.
Drying time (+25°C)                                1 hour
Dry to recoat (+25°C)                              3 hours
Application temperature                          From +8oC to +35oC

Instruction for use

Surface preparation: The substrate should be clean, dry and free from dust, oil, grease, or any poorly adhering material. Remove any flaking coating or severely weathered plaster that may be present and fill any cracks or holes. Before application, it is advisable to prime the surface with Vinyfix® Primer or copolymer emulsion Revinex® diluted with water (ratio Revinex®: water-1:4), in order to seal any pores, fix the substrate, and thus attain better adhesion and higher spreading rates. Apply two coats of Proflex® by brush, roller
or spray gun. Dilute the product with water 10% for the first coat and 5% for the second.

– Low temperatures and high humidity prolong drying and
overcoating times.
– Do not use the product in wet conditions (e.g. high humidity or
– Apply the second coat when the first one has dried completely

10lt, 3lt and 1lt in plastic containers

Colours: White, tailor-made shades (upon special arrangement)

Cleaning of tools

Use plenty of water immediately after application.

Storage stability

The product is stable for 2 years when kept unopened in its original container, protected from frost and direct sunlight.

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