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Neopox® Primer 815 Anti-corrosive epoxy primer





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Neopox® Primer 815 Corrosion resistant epoxy primer – Imported from Europe

Neopox® Primer 815 Anti-corrosive epoxy primer

Fields of application

Neopox® Primer 815 is suitable for metallic surfaces that undergo significant mechanical stresses, or metallic substrates that are periodically or constantly in contact with water or seawater, dilute acids and their fumes. The product can be applied to metallic structures, tanks, piping, fencing, etc.


  • It offers excellent anticorrosive protection
  • Resistance against water and sea water, alkalis and dilute acids
  • Abrasion resistance and durability against adverse weather conditions, industrial atmosphere and petroleum derivatives.
  • Very strong adhesion on metals
  • Excellent adhesion with epoxy, acrylic and polyurethane as final coatings.

Technical Characteristics

Density                                                                                     Component Α: 1,45gr/cm3
Component B: 0,90gr/cm3
Dosage (by weight)                                                                 10A:2B
Consumption                                                                           150-180gr/m2 per coat
Drying time (+25oC)                                                               2-3 hours
Pot life (+25oC)                                                                       1 hour
Dry to recoat (+25oC)                                                             12-24 hours
Temperature of application                                                      From +12oC to +35oC
Solids % by weight                                                                  65%

Compliant with the regulation 2004/42/EC for limitation of V.O.C. in paints and varnishes. Appropriate Certificate:
Classified in Category A/j (Two-pack reactive performance coatings for specific use) VOC Limit 500gr/l. Ready to
use product contains a maximum of <495gr/l.

Instructions for use

Surface preparation: The surface of the metal should be clean, dry and free from dust, oil, grease, and any poorly adhering material. Remove rust by sandblasting or by means of a wirebrush. Rust converter Kela Rust can be used in very rusty areas. Application: Stir the two components thoroughly and dilute 8 – 10% with solvent Neotex® 1021. Apply one coat by brush, roller, or spray gun. Use


• Do not use the product under wet conditions, or if wet conditions are expected to prevail during the curing period of the product.
• Surfaces that have already been primed or painted with epoxy coatings should be sanded lightly before overcoating with Neopox® Primer 815 to ensure good adhesion of the new layer.
• Over coating a freshly painted surface must take place within 7 days, otherwise it is suggested to sand the freshly painted layer lightly to avoid possible adhesion problems.


Set of 12kg (components A & B have fixed weight proportions)


Cleaning of tools

Use solvent Neοtex® 1021 immediately after application.

Storage stability

The product is stable for 2 years when kept unopened in its original container.

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