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Neodur® Stone Varnish

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Transparent pure-acrylic varnish suitable for stones and stamped concrete

Transparent pure-acrylic varnish suitable for stones and stamped concrete


Transparent pure-acrylic varnish suitable for stones and stamped concrete

Colors: Transparent

Properties /Advantages

  • Deep penetration on the surface
  • High resistant to UV radiation, does not become yellowish (contains UV filters)
  • Enhance the natural appearance of the surface
  • Fast drying
  • Easy application
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor application
  • Waterproofs the surface, preventing mould growth and atmospheric pollutant



Neodur® Stone Varnish is suitable for penetrating and sealing porous stones and stamped concrete surfaces. It is an ideal to prevent concrete floors from dust generation.


Tin cans 4L, 20L.

The product is usable for 2 years (+5°C to +45°C) when kept unopened in its original container, protected from frost and direct sunlight.


Surface preparation:

Stone / Existing concrete floor: Surface should be also free from dust, dirt, greasy and oily substances. Therefore, it should be brushed, grinded or sandblasted and after that cleaned with vacuum cleaner. The surface humidity content must be <4%. Stamped concrete: The surface humidity content must be <4% and allow at least 7 days to pass between the application of new stamped concrete and painting it with the product


Neodur®Stone Varnish is applied in one layer using brush, roller or airless spray gun without dilution. A second layer is applied if it is needed, when the porosity of the substrate is high.


Cleaning the cured system is best done by mopping surface with mild soap and water or a mild detergent. Some cleaners may affect the appearance of the installed floor. Test each cleaner used in a small area, ensuring no damage occurs.

Special Notes

– Low temperatures and high humidity during application prolong drying time, etc.

– It should not be applied to surfaces that have been painted previously with materials based on silicone or waxes.

– Neodur® Stone Varnish is a penetrating sealer. Usually one layer is sufficient enough to protect the substrate.

Cleaning of tools

Clean all tools and application equipment with solvent Neotex® 1021.

Stain removal

Use the solvent mentioned above when the stain is still fresh and damp. In case of hardened stains, use mechanical means.

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