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Jointex® – Αcrylic mastic for sealing joints





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Jointex® Αcrylic mastic for sealing joints


– Jointex® maintains its elasticity in a wide range of temperatures
– It shows excellent adhesion to many substrates and can be recoated with any water-based coating
– It is resistant to weathering, to ultraviolet radiation and to dilute acids, alkalis and detergents
– It does not contain organic solvents and it is environmentally friendly

Technical Characteristics:

Appearance                                                 Homogeneous paste
Density                                                       1,5g/cm3
Hardness (Shore A)                                    20±3
Elongation (+25oC)                                   250%
Shrinkage                                                   3,5%
Consumption                                             Jointex® seals about 6,5 linear meter joint with 1 cm²cross-section

Instructions for use

The sides of the joint where the product is to be applied should be free from dust, oil, grease or any poorly adhering material. It is suggested to use a solvent to clean the sides of the joint from dirt. It is not necessary to prime the surface (in case of very absorptive substrates, dilute Jointex® with water up to a ratio of 1:2 in order to prime the surface). The material is applied with a spatula.


After the application Jointex® exhibits low shrinkage. Drying time depends on thickness and weather conditions. The product should not be applied under humid conditions (e.g. rain), or if humid conditions are expected to
prevail during the curing period of the film. In case of deep joints, the use of backing rod is recommended, so that the mastic adheres only to the sides of the joint. In case of sealing horizontal joints, where there is a possibility of accumulation of stagnant water, it is suggested that after the application of Jointex® the joint should be coated with Neoroof®, Neoproof® PU W or Silatex® Super with a brush or a roller, along the joint and to a width greater than the width of the joint, in order to enhance impermeability to water.

Cleaning of tools

Use plenty of water immediately after application.

Stain removal

Use water when the stain is still fresh and damp. In case of hardened stains, use mechanical means or a paint remover.

Color: White and terracotta.

Packing: 1 kg, 5 kg & 15 kg plastic containers

Storage stability

The product is stable for 2 years when kept unopened in its original container, protected from frost and direct sunlight.

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