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Epoxol® Floor Elastic

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Two-component elastic multipurpose solvent-free epoxy system

Two-component elastic multipurpose solvent-free epoxy system

Fields of Application

Epoxol®Floor Elastic is a suitable screed that can be applied on cementbased floors which need high mechanical and chemical resistance, e.g. factories, laboratories, warehouses, superstores, parking places, garages, slaughterhouses, refrigerators, larders, hospitals, schools, etc. Thanks to its excellent covering of cracks and imperfections and its elasticity, Epoxol®Floor Elastic is also recommended for repair and refurbishment of old floors


Epoxol®Floor Elastic is an innovative two-component epoxy system based on selected resins and hardeners without solvents, with significant elasticity, that show great abrasion and chemical resistance (to alkalis, solutions of acids,
water, petroleum oils and many solvents). Compliant with the regulation 2004/42/EC for limitation of V.O.C. in paints and varnishes

Certificate: No 01750/015/000 of Greek Chemical State Laboratory (July 2006), for permanent contact with foodstuff according to European regulations 1935/2004, 1895/2005


Sets 18kg in fixed weight proportion.

3 years (5-45°C) in sealed tin cans.

Construction Surfaces:

Epoxol®Primer (thinned 10% per weight with solvent Neotex 1021) is applied in one layer (2 coats required in cases of increased porosity of the substrate) with roller, brush or airless spray. Before applying, mix both components (A&B) thoroughly to the correct predetermined mixing proportion by weight using a low speed electric stirrer for 2-3 minutes. When the substrate contains humidity more than 4% or there is rising moisture the surface should be primed with Neopox®Primer AY. Otherwise as a primer it can be applied Epoxol®Primer SF (solvent-free epoxy primer) or if the moisture of the substrate is up to 8%, if there is not rising moisture and the substrate temperature is > +12°C the surface should be primed with water-based primer Acqua®Primer

Metallic Surfaces:

The surfaces should be free of rust or any corrosion that may prevent bonding and it should be prepared by brushing, grinding or sand blasting. Afterwards apply one coat of Neopox®Special Primer 1225 diluted 8-10% with solvent Neotex 1021 to protect against rust. Before applying the primer, mix both components (A&B) thoroughly and apply within 3 hours by brush, roller or airless spray.

Instructions for use

After the drying of the primer, Epoxol®Floor Elastic is applied with spatula, brush or squeegees. Mix both components A&B thoroughly to the correct predetermined mixing proportion by weight. Epoxol®Floor Elastic must be thoroughly mixed using a low speed electric stirrer and It is important to stir the mixture thoroughly near the sides and bottom of the container. Mix continuously for 3-5 minutes until a uniform epoxy mortar is formed.

Cleaning of Tools

Use solvent Neotex 1021 immediately after application.

Stain Removal

Use solvent Neotex 1021 when the stain is still fresh and damp. In case of hardened stains, use mechanical means.

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