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One-component polyurethane elastomers, suitable for sealing joints and openings for any building surface.

Description of the product

One component polyurethane elastomer, suitable for sealing joints and openings in any building surface. After application, in contact with air, the sealant is vulcanised to an elastic and cohesive mass. Certified with CE
according to EN 15651-1 (Type F EXT-INT CC).

Application Fields

It is recommended for the sealing and bonding between similar and dissimilar substrates in traditional masonry, civil and industrial applications, light and heavy prefabrications, interior decorating etc. Adheres on most substrates: concrete, glass, wood, anodised aluminium,

Physical Properties

➢Neotex® PU Joint maintains its elasticity in a wide range of temperatures
➢ It shows very good adhesion to many substrates, e.g. concrete, glass, anodized aluminum, wood, etc.
➢ Easy application at temperatures from +5οC to +40οC
➢ Very good resistance to aging (UV and moisture).
➢ High mechanical strength
➢ Service temperature: -20οC to +90οC
➢ Paintable

Technical characteristics

Colours Grey/White
Skin forming time (23oC,50% RH) 120-240 min
Temperature of application From +5°C up to +40°C
Service temperature From +5°C up to +40°C
Curing speed (23oC,50% RH) 2-3 mm/day
Shore A Hardness (DIN 53 505) 30±5
Movement capability 25%
Tensile strength (ISO 8339) 0,82 N/mm2
Modulus at 100% elongation (ISO 8339) 0,41 N/mm2
Elastic recovery >90%
Elongation at break (ISO 8339) 450 %
Consumption Per 600ml sausage: 6m joint
10mm x 10mmPer 310ml cartridge: 3,1m
joint 10mm x 10mm


Instruction for use
Joint preparation: The joint faces to be bonded must be clean, dry and free from dust, oil, grease, old sealant and any traces of contaminant, which may affect adhesion. Surfaces should be degreased with solvent using a clean
cloth. To remove dust, use oil-free compressed air.

Priming:Neotex® PU Joint sealant does not normally require primer on most common substrates used in buildings. In cases of expansion joints with porous substrates (concrete), Neotex® PU Primer is recommended. The sealant is applied 15min to 1 hrs after the application of the primer.

Joint dimensions: The movement capability of sealant as well as local regulations must be considered. Joint width should be twice the depth when the width is bigger than 20mm and equal to the depth when the width is smaller than 20mm. The width of the joints should not be less than 5 and bigger than 40mm.

Sealant application:
➢ Cut the nozzle slantwise to form an opening proportional to the joint width.
➢ Put cartridge/sausage into the hand- or air gun and we apply the sealant in the joint.
For good performance it is essential that the sealant be only bonded to the two facing sides of the joint. To achieve this install a backup material (closed cell polyethylene or open cell polyurethane foam). Apply the sealant in a continuous operation making sure all air pockets or voids are eliminated. Tool the sealant with light pressure to spread the material against the joint surfaces.
This operation should be made with a dry spatula before skin formation occurs.
Excess uncured sealant should be wiped and cleaned with solvent Neotex®1111 cured sealant can only be removed by abrasion.

Low temperatures and high humidity during application prolong drying time, while high temperatures decrease it.
310ml cartridge
600ml sausage
Storage stability
The product is stable for 12 months when kept unopened in its original container, protected from humidity, at a maximum temperature of 30oC.

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